Railways rubbishes Kejriwal’s claim, says adequate coal supply in Delhi

New Delhi: The Railways on Tuesday rubbished Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s claim that the power plants in the national capital were facing a shortage of coal.

“Indian Railways is committed to ensuring adequate coal supplies in power plants serving Delhi. Keeping in view the higher power demand in the last few days, supply of rakes for transporting coal to power plants (supplying power to Delhi) has been further stepped up,” the Railways said in a statement.

“During the last 3 days, 7 rakes per day have been supplied to Dadri, 1.7 rakes per day to Badarpur and 3.5 rakes to Jhajhar power plants. Adequate pipeline being is also maintained for these plants for sustained coal supplies. As on date, 55 rakes for these 3 plants were in the pipeline and sufficient quality of coal would continue to be supplied to these power plants,” the statement added.

Kejriwal had earlier written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, highlighting the shortage of coal in various power plants in and around Delhi, citing the increasing power demands and non-availability of transportation rakes with the Railways as the primary reason for the said deficiency. (ANI)