Railways to resume to Shramik Trains as per states’ demands

Hyderabad: The Chairman of the Railway Board has reiterated that many trains as required will be provided within 24 hours. So far 4,347 Shramik special trains have been running and transporting around 60 lakh people. Indian Railways is committed to providing comfortable and safe movement of migrants through these trains as per the required by the states.

These trains have been running since May 1.

The Railway Ministry had the state governments indicate their requirements about the Shramik Special Trains to ensure all the arrangements are well chalked-out.

The Chairman Railway Board wrote letters to the Chief Ministers on May 29  and June 3 on the subject and emphasised that “Indian Railways will provide the desired number of Shramik Special trains immediately within 24 hours of the request “.

The Railway Ministry will also meet any additional demand that may arise over and above the projections given at a short notice. The Supreme Court of India in its order dated 28 May has also issued directions for the return of migrant workers willing to return their native places. Indian Railways istaking all necessary steps for further compliance of the order.