Railways launches new EMU train with 130 kmph speed

New Delhi: The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) on Wednesday rolled out the mini version of Train 18 as it launched the new generation Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit (MEMU) with underslung equipment and some features from the Train 18.

Train 18, a creation of the ICF is India’s first modern semi-high speed train set which is currently under speed trials. Train 18 had many first time features including underslung propulsion that enabled the clearing of entire on-board space for passengers thus increasing the number of passengers.

MEMUs cater to short distance intercity day travel. The coaches of the new MEMU underslung are longer at 23.1m against 21.3m in the older MEMU.

“The MEMUs currently in service have a carrying capacity of 2402 passengers; that will be augmented by nine per cent now, enabling carrying of 2618 passengers on board, by shifting the electric equipment to undercarriage as in Train 18. The underslung MEMU rake will have two driving motor coaches (DMC) and six passenger coaches (TC-Trailer Coaches),” an official statement read.

“The DMCs will have a carrying capacity of 280 passengers (84 Sitting + 196 Standees) and TCs will carry 343 passengers (96 sitting+ 247 standees), totalling to 2618 passengers (744 sitting + 1874 standees),” the statement added.

These new MEMUs which are capable of running at around 130 kilometres an hour also equipped with a CCTV surveillance system both inside the coaches and outside the driver’s cab, a Talk Back system to enable passengers to talk to the driver in case of emergency and a GPS based passenger information and announcement system.

Other salient features of the new MEMU includes an all underslug 3 Phase indigenous electric traction system, regenerative braking which saves about 35 per cent energy, double leaf sliding doors, screw-less interior panels and an aerodynamically shaped stainless steel driving end nose.