Railways change timings of 24 trains in Western Zone starting July 1

New Delhi: The timings of 24 trains have been reshuffled in the new Western Zone Time Table, which will come into effect from July 1 (Monday) onwards.

Among these are Mumbai-Pune Sinhagad Express (11009), LTT-Manmad Express (12117), Mumbai-Nagpur Sewagram Express (12139), Mumbai-Chhapra Antyodaya Express (15102), Mumbai-Kanyakumari Express (16381), LTT-Lucknow AC Express (22121), Mumbai-Gorakhpur Antyodaya Express (12598), LTT-Faizabad Express (22103), Kolhapur-Mumbai Koyna Express (11030).

Besides them, timings of other trains which have been changed are Azamgarh-LTT Express (11054), Sainagar Shirdi-Dadar Express (22148), Howrah-Mumbai Express (12870), Amravati-Mumbai Express (12112), Solapur-Mumbai Siddheshwar Express (12116), Kolhapur-Mumbai Mahalaxmi Express (17412), Kolhapur-Mumbai Sahyadri Express (11024), Madgaon-Dadar Janshatabdi Express (12052), Solapur-Kolhapur Express (22133), Kolhapur-Solapur Express (22134), Bidar-Kolhapur Express (11415), Kolhapur-Bidar Express (11416), Puducherry-Dadar Express (11006), Tirunelveli-Dadar Express (11022) and Mysuru-Dadar Sharavati Express (11036).

Apart from this, 29 Express trains of Central Railway have been speeded up on its system by three minutes to 20 minutes. Solapur-Kolhapur Express has been speeded up by 65 minutes and Kolhapur-Solapur Express speeded up by 120 minutes, a statement read.

Ten Express trains of Central Railway have been speeded up from 10 minutes to 30 minutes from end to end.

Moreover, 30 passenger trains of Central Railway have been speeded up by five minutes to 35 minutes.