Railway line to Siricilla in 3 yrs: KTR

Hyderabad: IT and Municipal Minister KT Rama Rao today said that he will make efforts to get railway line to Siricilla, if the people voted TRS back to power in the upcoming elections. “I need your support for winning the forthcoming Assembly elections and not majority”, he said. Launching his poll campaign at Rajanna Siricilla district here, and addressing a public meeting, he said that he will develop the segment further if they bless him.

“I have developed it to some extent and entire scenario of the segment has been significantly changed’, he said. He was not mad or have crazy for getting more majority or the numbers, he said.

“I need success in the hustings if the people support and encourage me for future progress in the segment’ he avowed. The segment gave me political life by giving 171 votes majority in 2009 elections, 68000 votes majority in 2010 elections and 53000 votes majority in 2014 elections. Now the segment people are promising to give me at least one lakh votes majority for which I am thankful and really not seeking it, instead a success in the elections. The opposition should avoid false charges and talk truth now as to whether the segment was developed in the past four and half years, he suggested. In future the segment will get irrigation waters for one lakh acres, he promised. Despite the opposition announcing sops the people are wary of their failure during the congress rule. The people have strong belief and confidence in the ruling party and caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for the welfare and development programs being implemented, KTR said.

KTR ridiculed the congress, TD for forging a grand alliance which will not win 10 seats. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi, AICC Chief Rahul Gandhi and Utham Kumar know that the TRS will sweep the elections and retain power. The congress was making promises only to cheat the people for political gain, he said.