Rahul’s charges against NDA govt does not have ‘a head or a tail’: Javadekar

New Delhi: Union Minister Prakash Javadekar today attacked Rahul Gandhi accusing him of creating an impression that there is “dictatorship” like situation in the country.

Dismissing the Congress Vice President’s charges against the NDA government as not having “a head or a tail”, he said “it’s not even worth responding to…rather, it is not even a charge.”

Javadekar said Rahul is talking about the oppressed class and the poor but his party did nothing for them while it was in power for last 10 years.

“Rahul Gandhi is going everywhere and wants to impress that there is dictatorship like situation in the country, which is not the case.

“If anytime the country had witnessed dictatorship, it had been brought by Congress during the Emergency between 1975-77. So, it is their legacy and not our working style,” Javadekar said.

The Minister claimed the Narendra Modi government is open to every citizen and was following the model of inclusive growth. “The Modi government belongs to farmers, youth, poor and the oppressed class and it is working for the uplift of these sections and they are liking it.

But, those who did not even think about these sections for 10 years are now concerned about them.

“Because of this, they raise questions that does not have head and tail. It’s not even worth responding to…rather, it is not even a charge,” Javadekar said.

Asked about JNU student union leader Kanhaiya Kumar campaigning for Left parties in Assembly poll-bound West Bengal and Kerala, Javadekar said “everyone has a right” to do that.