Rahul should apologize to nation as Congress failed to uplift poor in 70 years: Harish

Hyderabad: Senior TRS leader and former minister T Harish Rao today said the Congress leaders are known as confidence tricksters for cheating people on the eve of every election. Harish demanded that AICC president Rahul Gandhi tender unconditional apology to the nation and give a clarification as to why there was poverty in the country as his assassinated grandmother Indira Gandhi and his father late Rajiv Gandhi as Prime Ministers had miserably failed to eradicate poverty through “Garibi Hatao” scheme for 72 years.

Addressing a TRS activists’ meeting in Tellapur Municipality area in Sanga Reddy district, Harish Rao campaigned for party candidate K Prabhakar Reddy in the upcoming elections. He ridiculed that AICC Chief Rahul Gandhi was talking afresh about the outdated “Gareebi Hatao” slogan that was propagated by late Indira Gandhi and late Rajiv Gandhi just to hoodwink the people for political gain. Rahul Gandhi took up that slogan (Remove Poverty by paying Rs 72,000 a year) in the country on coming to power in the general elections, he said, adding that in the last 70 years in the free India the Congress and others, who ruled the nation and miserably failed to remove poverty but criminally neglected the toiling masses.

“Even now abysmal poverty prevails in the country due to the negligence and faulty policies of the successive governments. After Indira Gandhi’s rule, then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, father of Rahul Gandhi, also frequently talked the same and failed to check the menacing problem. The Congress and others were promising sops only in view of the ensuing elections to grab power and leave the people in the lurch after the elections”, he added.

“KCR a Messaiah of poor”
Harish Rao said, “Like elder brother in a family, our Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao will increase pension to Rs 2,016 to the 57-year-old women, widows and others and will give Rs 3,016 unemployment allowance to the jobless youth in the State, he claimed. “Rahul should give reply on poverty and then start the campaigning”, Harish demanded, adding that the Telangana Government has become an ideal to other States in the country. He also promised to provide two-bedroom housing facility to all the poor in the segment. “Do not pay even a rupee for the housing facility as the government gives them free of cost to the poor”, he added.