Rahul in Shamshabad: If we get hold of Nirav Modi, we’ll give you his money

Shamshabad (Telangana): Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said if the Congress “gets hold” of diamantaire Nirav Modi, it will give all the money belonging to businessman to the public.

“Narendra Modi transfers money into the account of Nirav Modi, but we will transfer the money into the accounts of poor. If we get hold of Nirav Modi, we will give his money to you,” he said while addressing a public rally here.

Earlier today, Nirav, a prime accused in the multi-million PNB scam, was traced living in an 8-million pound apartment in London’s posh West End locality.

In a video published by a British newspaper, it was also revealed that Nirav has started a new diamond business in Soho.

Meanwhile, the Congress president promised “guaranteed minimum income” to all citizens if the party came to power in the Lok Sabha polls 2019. “The Congress party has always taken historic decisions and we are going to do historic work in 2019. We have decided to give guaranteed minimum income to all poor,” said Rahul Elaborating further on this proposal, he said a “minimum income” line will be decided by the Congress government and those who would lie below the “minimum income line” will be the beneficiaries.

“Whosoever will have income below the minimum income decided by the Congress government will get the minimum income money. Congress party will directly transfer the money into your bank account. We will find everyone whose income is below the minimum income and will transfer the money into his account,” he assured.

Continuing his tirade against the Prime Minister, Rahul alleged that Modi is making “two Indias” – one for the poor and the other for wealthy and rich people.

“Since last 5 years, he (Modi) is making two Indias – one is of wealthy people like Anil Ambani who travel in private planes and achieve what they like. While in second India, farmers beg with folded hands for loan waiver while Finance Minister Arun Jaitley says that there is no policy of waving farm loans.”

He also claimed that Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao is being “remote controlled” by Prime Minister Modi.

“KCR and his party (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) support BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in every decision in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. How many times has your Chief Minister commented on Rafale deal? Did he ever say that Narendra Modi has stolen Rs 30,000 crore of public money? Did he ever ask for any enquiry or investigation? Why not? because he wants Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister.”

“Narendra Modi is aware of KCR’s corrupt practices. He has the remote to control KCR,” Rahul alleged.