Rahul says Sushma world’s first ‘secret humanitarian’

New Delhi, Aug. 12 : Replying to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s feisty attack on the opposition’s claims and accusations, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday described her as the world’s first “secret humanitarian”.
“A lot of people do humanitarian work, but Sushmaji is the first humanitarian in the world to do it in secrecy,” Rahul said as the treasury benches sought to shout him out and down.

“Yesterday, Sushmaji held my hand and asked that why I am angry with her. I told her I am not angry and that I respect her. I looked into her eyes and said I am speaking the truth about the Lalit Modi case, but she did not say anything and lowered her eyes,” Rahul added.

After his address, Gandhi stepped out of the Lok Sabha with his party colleagues where he addressed the media and questioned Swaraj again with regard to her humanitarian service to Lalit Modi, asking why was she discreet about helping Lalit Modi.

“Why did she hide her humanitarian work? Along with this, her husband and daughter were also helping Lalit Modi which increases the suspicion. I am not angry with her, but I am pointing out that Modigate and IPL gate is not a small thing,” Rahul said to the media.

The Congress vice president in his Lok Sabha address also took a swing at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence on the Lalit Modi row.

“Modiji had said I will not be corrupt nor let anybody be. Today, he does not have the guts to sit in this chair and face this House. ” Rahul said.

Rahul went on to say, “Gandhiji had three monkeys – don’t see evil, don’t hear evil and don’t speak evil. Modiji has new types of monkeys that preach; don’t see the truth, don’t hear the truth and don’t speak the truth.”

He also added that the Prime Minister Modi needs to fight corruption and if he tries to save culprits, then he will lose the credibility and trust on which he was chosen to be Prime Minister.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had earlier asked Rahul Gandhi to ask his mother Sonia Gandhi about who facilitated the exit of Union Carbide chief Warren Anderson from the country after the Bhopal gas tragedy in December 1984.

“When Rahul Gandhi goes on leave next, he should read the history of his family and then ask his mother how much money they got from Anderson. Helping Anderson was a case of quid pro quo, and not mine as being alleged” Sushma Swaraj said in her speech in the Lok Sabha.

The Congress is demanding resignation of Sushma Swaraj over her alleged help to Lalit Modi in procuring British travel documents. Swaraj clearly denied helping Modi but only his wife who had to undergo cancer treatment. (ANI)