Rahul doing ‘poisonous’ politics, alleges BJP

New Delhi: BJP today hit back at Rahul Gandhi over his charge that the government was crushing dissent in universities, saying he had become the “biggest face of negative politics” and all parties conspiring against the Modi government had joined hands with Congress.

Party national secretary Shrikant Sharma said it would have been better had the Congress vice president gone to the JNU to ask students, who are accused in a sedition case, to surrender.

“Instead, he goes to Jantar Mantar to add fuel to the fire. We condemn his remarks in strongest terms. If somebody has emerged as the biggest face of negative politicise, it is Rahul Gandhi. He should not do his poisonous politics over students,” he said at a media briefing.

Sharma alleged that the parties which had “looted” the country during the UPA’s 10-year rule had joined hands to “defame the honest and pro-poor” Modi government.

The BJP leader touched on the Prime Minister’s humble background and accused Congress of conspiring against him due to its “hate”.

“Congress hates the son of a poor family who has become the Prime Minister. What we are seeing is the height of its hate politics,” he claimed.

He referred to a number of previous issues like attack on churches and allegation of spying on Rahul Gandhi over which Congress and other opposition parties had targeted the government, insisting that their charges proved to be “false”.

Claiming that Congress divided the country due to its “lust for power”, he said the party was indulging in “low level politics” to target the BJP government.