Rahul Gandhi’s allegation has damaged the quality of Indian politics: BJP

Bengaluru(Karnataka) [India]: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday rejected allegations made by Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying his accusations have damaged the quality of Indian politics.

BJP leader S. Prakash told ANI that Gandhi has picked up a rejected petition to attack Prime Minister Modi as he accused him of indulging in corrupt practices during his tenure as the chief minister of Gujarat.

“Just to remain in news, Rahul Gandhi has damaged the quality of Indian politics. Earlier Rahul Gandhi has said that if he speaks about the Prime Minister then there will be an earthquake and he has got bulletproof evidence against the Prime Minister Modi. In his speech in Mehsana he raised similar issues which was rejected by the Supreme Court under the petition by advocate Prashant Bhushan, who produced scribbling in a notepad that was rejected by the apex court stating that it is not a sufficient evidence to make a serious allegation against a Constitutional head. It is absurd,” he said.

“Gandhi has picked up this thrown out application and repeated the similar allegation it is nothing but hit and run case. It lacks credibility and does not command any qualitative reaction to the irresponsible allegation against the Prime Minister of the nation,” he added.

On Wednesday, during an address at the Prime Minister Modi’s home turf of Mehsana in Gujarat, Gandhi accused Prime Minister of having taken money in bribes from the Sahara conglomerate. He also said Modi’s demonetisation exercise will not nab the corrupt money hoarders in India, and target only the honest people instead.(ANI)