Rahul Gandhi supporter of destruction, not development: Yogi Adityanath

New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath attacked the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday saying he is not a supporter of development, but of destruction.

Speaking at a rally in Valsad, he said, “When a terrorist like Isharat Jahan is killed by security forces in Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi came in her support.”

“Congress is a not symbol of development, rather a symbol of destruction,” he reiterated.

Yogi Adityanath accused Rahul Gandhi of ignoring his constituency and not building a Collectorate office in Amethi.

“The person, who could not built Collectorate office in his constituency, how can you expect that he will do development in Gujarat,” he said.

Yogi, further attacking the Congress Party, said, Dr Manmohan Singh was the prime minister from year 2004-14 and always spoke on the directives of Nehru-Gandhi family, otherwise he didn’t speak at all.”

Earlier on Friday, he launched a scathing attack on the Congress by terming it as a “symbol of devastation”.

Ishrat Jahan, and three other men were killed in an encounter on June 15, 2004 in Gujarat as the security agencies suspected they were on a mission to assassinate then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Continuing his attack on Congress Vice President, Adityanath said that Rahul Gandhi was confusing people of Gujarat during his election rallies.