Muslims are being brutalised in Tripura, says Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday alleged that Muslims are being brutalised in Tripura and asked how long will the government pretend to be deaf and blind. He also alleged that those doing violence in the name of Hinduism are not Hindus but hypocrites.

“Our Muslim brothers are being brutalised in Tripura. Those who perpetrate hatred and violence in the name of Hindus are not Hindus but hypocrites,” he said in a tweet in Hindi.

“How long will the government keep pretending to be blind and deaf,” he asked, using the hashtag “#TripuraRiots“.

A mosque was vandalised and two shops were set ablaze at Chamtilla on Tuesday evening during a VHP rally taken out to protest against recent violence against Hindus in neighbouring Bangladesh. Three houses and a few shops, reportedly owned by members of the minority community, were also ransacked in nearby Rowa Bazar, the police said. In another tweet, the former Congress chief hit out at the government over the rising prices of petrol and diesel.

“From which angle are these good days,” he asked in a tweet in Hindi. He used the hashtags ‘TaxExtortion’ and ‘FuelPrice’ to hit out at the government. He cited a news report that said prices of petrol and diesel are not under control with petrol costing Rs 108 a litre in Delhi and Deisel over Rs 105 a litre in Mumbai. The Congress party has been agitating against rising fuel prices in the country.