Rahul Gandhi says Modi is scared of Amit Shah

Gujarat: During the campaigning for second phase of Gujarat polls, Vice president of Congress Rahul Gandhi has said that Prime Minister Modi is afraid of BJP President Amit Shah.

According to the News reported in Deccan Herald, Rahul Gandhi made this allegation during his campaign in Tharad in Gujarat. He said that “Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah makes Rs 50,000 in to Rs 80 crore in just three months.” He also added that because the prime minister who talked of removing corruption was afraid of Amit Shah. He did not utter a word against him (Amit). “You listened to all his lectures. Not once did he uttered the word ‘corruption’.”

Rahul Gandhi also pointed out fake promises made by Narendra Modi during 2014 Lok Sabha Polls.

Rahul pointed that “Modi talked of depositing Rs 15 lakh to your accounts but he has not deposited even 15 paise in any account.”

While attacking the prime minister over demonetisation and GST implementation, the Congress Vice president had said that the economy was badly hit resulting in job losses.
Rahul Gandhi attacked BJP and Prime Minister Modi by calling a “suit-boot ki sarkar” which works only for few industries and industrialists as Tatas and Adanis.

Rahul Gandhi also said that, “elections are in Gujarat and Modiji is talking about Japan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

Rahul Gandhi also acknowledged the love and affection shown by Gujarati people on him and said that it created a special bond with him. He acknowledged that “You have established a life-long relationship with me and with me once relationship is formed, I do not break. As long as I am alive, in whichever state or village or road I may be, if anyone from Gujarat, any poor or any shopkeeper, calls for me, I will reach within five minutes.”

In an attempt to reach out to the electorate in the state, Rahul said that the love and affection showered on him by the people of Gujarat in last three months have forged a special bond with him.