Rahul Gandhi saying irrelevant things to ensure his relevance in Congress: BJP

New Delhi [India]: Reacting to Rahul Gandhi’s opinions on demonetisation, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has said the Congress vice-president always says irrelevant things in order to stay relevant within the party and Indian politics.

“As far as the speeches of Rahul Gandhi are concerned, his working in principle nod is to talk irrelevant in order to be relevant within the Congress party and Indian politics. But no one takes him seriously,” BJP leader Sambit Patra told ANI.

Yesterday at a rally in Goa’s Margao area, Rahul Gandhi said “All cash is not black money and all black money is not cash. Demonetisation has only targeted the poor and the cash economy of our country.”

Patra further said that unlike the Congress Party, the BJP’s ideology is to keep the nation’s interest above the party’s interest and finish the menace of black money.

“When Rahul Gandhi says that all black money is not cash and all cash is not black money he must be reminded of the fact that all parties are not like the Congress Party, which is corrupt to the core. The ideology of the BJP is absolutely clear and the Prime Minister has articulated it, that the nation is above the party and the nation’s interest is to curb black money, to finish of corruption and that is what we are doing,” he said.

During the rally, Rahul Gandhi said the government’s decision to scrap Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes turned out to be a “fire bomb” rather than a surgical strike on black money which has severely affected the poor people.

” Narendra Modi launched a new marketing scheme, saying that it was a surgical strike on corruption and black money. But this was not a surgical strike, it was a fire bombing on poor people,” he said.

“In Modiji’s cashless economy, five to six percent of cash will magically disappear from every transaction and the 1 percent super-rich will get it,” he added. (ANI)