Rahul Gandhi posed wrong questions during Gujarat campaign: Jitendra Singh

New Delhi [India]: Union Minister of State (MoS) Dr. Jitendra Singh on Tuesday said Congress President Rahul Gandhi posed wrong questions during the Gujarat Assembly elections.

Talking to ANI here, Singh said, “Rahul Gandhi had asked those 14 questions whose answers were already there. Questions can be answered but what answer could be given to those questions which were framed from the answers.”

The MoS in Prime Minister Office said Rahul Gandhi posed wrong questions during the Congress campaign in Gujarat.

“Rahul himself withdrew seventh question out of his 14 questions because its figures were wrong. The figures given in the sixth question over unemployment were also wrong. It was alleged that unemployment had increased manifold in Gujarat whereas they don’t know that the unemployment average in Gujarat has always been below one percent against the national average of five percent,” Singh said.

He further added that Rahul Gandhi also lied about women security in Gujarat.

“Rahul’s fifth question alleged that women were highly unsafe in Gujarat, whereas the whole world knows that how safe women are in Gujarat,” the MoS said.

He advised the Congress to accept its defeat in Gujarat as well as in Himachal Pradesh with humility.

“The people of the country have to come to know about reality of the Congress and the way the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has humbly accepted the win, the Congress should also accept its defeat in the same way,” Singh asserted.

The BJP has retained Gujarat and snatched power from the Congress in Himachal Pradesh. (ANI)