Rahul Gandhi gave ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ to PM Modi; twitter reacts

NEW DELHI: Towards the end of half-an-hour long and fiery speech on Friday, the day of no-confidence motion debate, Congress President Rahul Gandhi walked all the way to PM Modi and gave him a hug, a move that no one saw coming and baffled even Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan.

This gesture caught on camera and invoked varied reactions on social media and unexpectedly a very tiny section of Bollywood also reacted and  even declare it ‘Hug Day.’ Here’s how Twitter reacted:

Journalist Nidhi Razdan expressed shock (just like many of us): OMG Rahul Gandhi hugs the PM, whereas Barkha Dutt tweeted the PM must not have been expecting it.

The Congress president before the end of his speech said, “You all must think that I have a lot of hatred in my heart against the Prime Minister, but actually that is not the case. In fact, Modi Ji, the BJP and the RSS taught me the meaning of being a member of the Congress party. They have taught me the meaning of being Indian. They have taught me the meaning of being a Hindu and a devotee of Lord Shiva. Being an Indian and being a Congressman means no matter what falsehood someone speaks against you, you do not harbour ill-will against them. For this, I thank you,” Gandhi said.