Rahul Gandhi came to us like an angel, but asked us to keep it a secret: Nirbhaya’s father

New Delhi: A day after Nirbhaya’s mother revealed that it was Congress President Rahul Gandhi who gave moral support to her son, Nirbhaya’s brother and the rest of her family, the Delhi gangrape victim’s father has also come out to speak about the matter.

Nirbhaya’s father stated that while his family received a lot of support from multiple quarters post his daughter’s horrific rape and subsequent demise, “it was Gandhi who stood by us always and had strictly told us to keep it a secret,” her father told IANS.

Nirbhaya’s brother, like her parents, was deeply hurt and went into shock post the incident. He was in Class 12 when his sister was killed.

His mother told Mail Today that it was Rahul Gandhi who motivated her son, spoke to him regularly on phone and even sponsored his higher education.

Rahul Gandhi was the one who counselled him and motivated him to achieve something good in life to support the family. After learning that he wanted to join the defence forces, Rahul asked him to pursue a pilot’s training course after completion of school,” Asha Devi had said.

“Rahul Gandhi made it possible. He looked after us after the incident,” the father told IANS, referring to the December 16 night when his daughter was brutally gang-raped.

“He (Gandhi) helped us emotionally. He helped us in many ways. He helped us monetarily. Otherwise, you can understand how was it possible for us to make our son a pilot,” he added.

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The Nirbhaya case had shaken the nation for the sheer brutality of the crime. On December 16, 2012, Nirbhaya and her friend were waiting at a bus stop after catching a late-night show of the ‘Life of Pi’. They caught a chartered bus and were unaware of the horror the night would turn out to be – the young lady’s friend was bashed with an iron rod while Nirbhaya was constantly abused by the five men and one minor on the moving bus.

Besides, being sexually assaulted, Nirbhaya was brutalised with the iron rod and her intestines were pulled out. After committing the crime, the men flung Nirbhaya and her friend on the road where they lay bleeding.

Nirbhaya‘s death in a Singapore hospital and her rape shook the nation to the core. The crime propelled multiple protests, intensive media coverage and the government stiffened penalties against such crimes, introduced fast-track courts for rape and also made stalking a crime.

“The incident left a permanent scar but Gandhi came like an angel. Whatever the politics, but he has been an angel to us,” Nirbhaya’s father told IANS.

Now, almost five years later, her father is looking forward to sitting on a plane that his son will pilot soon.