Rahul Gandhi blames BJP for farmers’ condition in UP

Amethi (Uttar Pradesh): Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ministers are to be blamed for the agrarian crisis in the state.

“We wanted to bring a food park, but Narendra Modiji and his ministers snatched that from you, the consequence of which you have to face now. If a food park was here, then a potato farmer would have got the right rate”, Gandhi said at a road show here.

However, he added that the food park would be a priority as soon as the Congress party came to power.

“No matter what happens, food park will be built here and I will do this work. As soon as our government comes into power, food park will be made & farmers’ products will be sold here at the right prices. I will make this happen,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Food Park is an comprehensive concept and a scheme of the Ministry of Food Processing, aimed at establishing a “direct linkage from farm to processing and then to consumer markets” through a network of collection centers and primary processing centers.

The purpose was to increase processing of perishables from 6% to 20% and to increase India’s Share in global food trade by at least 3% up to the year 2015.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi had also praised the Chinese government for their development and employment agendas.

“Jo kaam China ki sarkaar do din mein karti hai use karne mein Narendra Modi Ji ki sarkaar ko ek saal lag jaata hai. (The work that Chinese government finishes in two days, Prime Minister Modi’s government takes at least one year for the same work,” Rahul Gandhi said while addressing a crowd here.

The address was part of a two-day roadshow being conducted by Gandhi in his Lok Sabha Constituency. (ANI)