Rahul Gandhi bangaya dulha?

New Delhi: 46 year old Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi believed to have found his soul mate, According to sources Rahul will marry in Allahabad Anand Bhawan.

Sonia and Rahul both want marriage to happen in Uttar Pradesh.
Last month Sonia also visited Anand Bhawan, that time it was said to be a political visit, but now it came out to be a part of marriage arrangement affair.
Congress President Sonia Gandhi had chosen a Brahman girl from Uttar Pradesh as her daughter in law, According to sources girl family is said to be very close relative of one of the late Rajiv
Gandhi’s officer, and this officer had made efforts to fix this marriage.
Keeping 2017 Uttar Pradesh election in mind Congress President want this marriage to take place in Allahabad and if everything goes well and Congress succeed in giving massage that they still have
deep roots in Uttar Pradesh, then they can expect a good result in UP assembly elections 2017.