Rahul asks partymen to help people standing in bank, ATM queues

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi on Saturday made a fervent appeal to all partymen to come out and help the common people standing in queues outside banks and ATMs to exchange their old currency notes after their demonetisation.

“We appeal to all Congress workers to help all those who are standing in long lines outside banks in whatever capacity possible,” he said, adding the week and underprivileged “need our support”.

Gandhi also put out his video message through his twitter account asking the Congress party workers and the youth to help out the common people, especially the poor and elderly.

“Today is tough time for the people of the country, as the entire country is standing in queues outside banks. It is tough time and they need our support.

“Wherever people are standing in line, you should help them provide water and help them get their currency exchanged. The country and people, especially the poor, need out support and do help them out by standing with them and holding their hand,” Gandhi said in his message.

Former Finance Minister P Chidamabaram on Saturday also hit out at the government saying an “unprepared” dispensation has pushed common man to misery.

“This scheme is not Demonetisation. This is ‘Old Notes for New’. Unprepared government pushes common people into misery and despair.

“The half-baked plan has benefited only touts and middlemen. Gov should publish the 2012 CBDT report that advised against DeMonetisation,” he said on twitter.

Congress party has said that the common people were facing harassment as they have to stand in long queues outside banks to get their old currency changed.