Rafale: Congress welcomes verdict, ‘probe will begin whether or not you like it Modi’

New Delhi: Soon after the SC held that it shall examine the “secret, leaked documents while reviewing it’s Rafale verdict, the Congress said now the first secrets will be revealed which shall expose the Modi government’s scam in Rafale Deal.

The Apex court today decided to examine the secret leaked documents despite Centre’s objections while hearing the review petition of its Rafale verdict, Indian Express reports.

After achieving the first victory towards exposing the truth behind Rafale deal, Congress judgement to review the Rafale petition.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said the “skeletons in Rafale scam are tumbling out one by one.”

“SC has upheld a time-honoured legal principle; A rattled Modiji had threatened to invoke Official Secrets Act against independent Journalists for exposing his corruption on #Rafale. Modiji, you can run and lie as much as you want but sooner or later the truth comes out. And now there is ‘no official secrets act’ to hide behind,” he wrote on Twitter.

He further added that a probe will soon begin in the case whether or not he likes it.

Objecting to reports published in different news source, Centre had contended that the documents were “sensitive to national security” and their “unauthorised photocopying and leakage” constituted “penal offences under the Indian Penal Code including theft”.