‘Radhe Radhe Bolo Radhe Ma’, says Markandey Katju

New Delhi: Known for speaking his mind, former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju now seemingly has a take on controversy surrounding self-styled godwoman Radhe Ma.

In his blog titled ‘Radhe Radhe Bolo Radhe Ma’, Katju has written that he doesn’t know why some people are after his mothers’s blood, who is pure and pious.

“It is said that she will go to jail. But was Lord Krishna not born in jail? She is accused of ashleelta. But ashleelta is part of our culture. viz. the erotic sculptures in Khajuraho and Konarak (sic),” wrote Katju.

“It is said that she descends from the sky. But did our avatars not descend from the sky? It is said she dances. But did Lord Shiva not perform Tandava Nritya? It is said people kiss her and give her massage. Do people not kiss their mothers and massage them?,” he added.