Rachel McAdams: I love doing comedy

Washington:Actress Rachel McAdams said she likes physical comedy because they are ‘endlessly challenging’.

“I love doing comedy and physical comedy because they are endlessly challenging,” McAdams said in a statement.

McAdams expressed love for comedy when she was talking about her film ‘Game Night’ — which tells story of a couple who get addicted to playing board games and find themselves trapped in a game night. The Warner Bros. Pictures project released in India on Friday.

Talking about the film, she said: “I also loved the opportunity to work with Jason Bateman again. I’ve always admired him as both a dramatic and comedic actor. Ten years ago, we worked together for one day on the dramatic film ‘State of Play’, which is very different from ‘Game Night’. So, this was a great opportunity to get to team up with him again in an entirely different way.”

The film is co-directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. And McAdams lauds their vision.
“I really liked the directors’ vision, which was to mix thriller elements with the comedy. That was a unique and smart approach. I love a game night, too, so I already knew a little about that aspect of the film,” she added.

Is she competitive in her real life?

“It depends on the game. My parents bought us board games every Christmas; we were a big gaming family. My siblings and I came back to it as young adults, picking up where we left off as kids. I would say I’m very competitive with them,” she said, adding that she be very shy too.

“It depends on the game and who I’m playing with. If it’s with people new to me, then I try and tone down my competitiveness,” she said.