Rachakonda Police to re-launch drug de-addiction program

Hyderabad: The Rachakonda police will soon re-launch their drug de-addiction program called ‘Naya Savera’ which translates as ‘new dawn’, to keep youngsters away from drugs.

The Rachakonda commissioner Mahesh M Bhagwat stated that the de-addiction program is aimed at keeping children, youth and students away from drug abuse. The program was originally initiated in 2017 in collaboration with the Amritha Foundation Society. It gives awareness to youth about problems caused by the usage of illegal drugs.

As the state is now focusing on curbing the drug menace, the police are planning to re-launch ‘Naya Savera’, as part of which awareness programs in select schools, colleges and hotspots off-line and online would be conducted in association with Amritha Foundation Society. De-addiction programmes would also be conducted once a week, on Tuesday, stated the commissioner.

The Rachakonda commissioner urged the general public to alert the police if they have any information about drugs. He said the citizens can inform the police by dialing +91 94906-17111 and the same number can be dialed to avail the counselling for de-addiction of drugs.