Rachakonda Police Commissioner gives tips to parents and teachers for identification of drug addicts

Hyderabad: Police Commissioner of Rachakonda, Mr. Mahesh Bhagwat held a meeting of the principals and representatives of schools and colleges located at Gachibowli and other adjoining areas. He organized an awareness program to eradicate drug menace, ragging, traffic violations etc. He advised the college managements to create awareness among the students against using drugs. He requested the managements of educational institutions to inform police if they find any suspected persons. They should keep an eye on the students who are irregular in attendance. Hostels should be checked once a week. Awareness programs through pamphlets and short films should be arranged. If the students are found to be indulging in drug menace, parents and guardians should inform the police.

He also indicated guidelines for the identification of drug addicts which are as follows:

  • Change of mental status and irrelevant talks
  • Using food in large quantities
  • Lethargy and excessive sleep
  • Headache and body pain
  • Spending more time in toilets
  • Always thinking of money, theft in case money is given
  • Tablets, cigarette, syringe and other articles found in the beds of the students.

–Siasat News