A.R. Rahman : I didn’t think twice about accepting Majidi’s film “Muhammad: Messenger of God,”

A Muslim group in India has issued a fatwa against musician A.R. Rahman and Iranian director Majid Majidi. In protest at Majidi’s film “Muhammad: Messenger of God,” for which Rahman scored the music.

The film by the renowned director Majid Majidi is the first of a trilogy on the life of Muhammad, and shows his childhood and adolescence till he becomes a prophet.

R. Rahman didn’t bat an eyelid before accepting Majid Majidi’s offer to compose music for his film on the Prophet, that is involved in the controversy.The film has come as a rude shock to him.

A.R. Rahman in his recent interview said, “When I got the offer from Majid Majidi, I didn’t think twice about accepting it. He is a filmmaker I’ve admired for long. We established a bond of mutual trust in no time at all.”

Rahman tells us he has attempted something new for this film. “There is a lot of experimental melodies and rhythms. And the best part of the experience is the warm acceptance I’ve received in Iran. I have a lot of offers coming from that country.”