R K Singh, Sinha betrayed party and its workers in Bihar poll battlefield: BJP

New Delhi, Nov. 8 : Peeved over its eminent electoral loss in Bihar, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday said some of its leaders like former home secretary R. K Singh and actor Shatrughan Sinha had betrayed the party, and warned that they could face tough times ahead.

“The party would be acting against these kinds of people and it should be done, regionally and nationally. On the one hand, the party workers were busy with the electoral preparations and on the other hand, these people hampered the image of their own party,” BJP general secretary P.Murlidhar Rao told ANI.

“What they have given to the party is best known to them, but the party hasn’t given them anything less,” he added.

Rao also said that these people have dented the image of the party, which amounts to a betrayal.

“This is not acceptable to us, we believe that this loss in Bihar has a lot to do with all of those criticisms,” he added.

When asked to respond on the possible reasons for the BJP’s dismal performance in the state, Rao said that right now it would be premature to speak about them.

“We congratulate Nitish Kumar on his win, we will introspect on our defeat,” he added.

Shatrughan Sinha had embarrassed his BJP earlier saying that Arun Jaitley was responsible for turning the party into a three-member “scooter party” in Delhi.

Known also as Shotgun, Sinha had said that Jaitley and Amit Shah would be to blame if the BJP loses in Bihar. He also criticised his party for the absence of a chief ministerial face in Bihar and a positive campaign.

“We can take up the challenge (from the maha gathbandhan) and turn it into an opportunity if we have a united house, one leadership, projection of a face, the right campaign committee headed by the right chairman, and a positive campaign, not negative,” he said.

“Our Prime Minister, dashing, dynamic, action hero Narendra Modi, is the main campaigner. But I wish we had projected a leader among ourselves, because the people of Bihar have the right to know who will lead them,” he added. (ANI)