Qureshi will have to answer for Kashmir lies: Pak Minister

Karachi: Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has come under severe criticism for peddling lies about the support at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) of 58 nations on the issue of Kashmir.

Pakistan’s Water Resources Minister and his cabinet colleague Faisal Vawda on Tuesday said that Qureshi has to answer on this issue and he cannot escape from his responsibility .

Vawda slammed Qureshi over the Kashmir issue during a discussion with the host and senior journalist Hamid Mir on Geo News TV show.

Vawda said that Qureshi would have to explain that when he did not have even 16 nations’ support at the UNHRC on the Kashmir issue, then why did he claim the support of 58 nations?

On Monday, Mir exposed the lies of Qureshi and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan that Pakistan has the support of 58 nations over alleged human rights violations in Kashmir.

Mir wrote that even after the deadline ended, there was no resolution from Pakistan’s side at the UNHRC. When the time came to submit a formal resolution at the UNHRC on September 19, Pakistan didn’t present the support of even 16 nations.

In the TV show Vawda defended Khan in the case. He said that Khan made the same statement made by the foreign minister.