Qureshi slams Bilawal for talking about ‘Sindhudesh’, ‘Pakhtunistan’

Islamabad: After Bilawal Bhutto warned that Sindhudesh, Seraikidesh and Pukhtundesh could be formed if the Imran Khan government continued its dictatorship, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that it was not reasonable for Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chief to speak about “Sindhudesh” and “Pakhtunistan”.

Qureshi on Friday urged National Assembly members from Sindh not to create an impression for the world that there was “a wave of provincial discrimination” in Pakistan.

In a reference to remarks made by Bhutto, Qureshi warned: “Those who spoke about Pakhtunistan, pit gae (were defeated); those who speak about Sindhudesh will also be defeated.

“I am hopeful that every Sindhi will support Pakistan.”

Qureshi’s remarks come after Bhutto on Thursday lashed out at the federal government for “trying to occupy Karachi” following Law Minister Farogh Naseem’s statement that the Imran Khan government was considering taking over the administrative affairs of Karachi through a little-known constitutional provision.

“This country has already been broken once in the past when Islamabad tried to control a state,” he said in reference to the secession of Bangladesh.

He added that after Bangladesh, Sindhudesh, Seraikidesh and Pukhtundesh can be formed.

Bhutto said running a country was not like playing a cricket match, adding that the Imran Khan-led government was playing with the Constitution.

He added that Prime Minister Khan has made people political prisoners and it was unacceptable that affairs of Karachi were being run from Islamabad.

On Wednesday, Naseem told a private TV channel that a strategic committee on Karachi was going to recommend to Khan that he should invoke Article 149 for the uplift of Karachi.

Qureshi said that Naseem had clarified his remarks regarding invoking Article 149 in Karachi.

The Foreign Minister said that Naseem’s remarks were being distorted and misrepresented and now that the minister had issued a clarification, there was nothing to be fearful of.

The provision Article 149(4) reads: “The executive authority of the federation shall also extend to the giving of directions to a province as to the manner in which the executive authority thereof is to be exercised for the purpose of preventing any grave menace to the peace or tranquillity or economic life of Pakistan or any part thereof.”