Quirk up your saree with these fusion styles

New Delhi: The one fashion outfit that women swear by has to be a saree. It’s not just a piece of cloth, it’s a feeling. We have seen trends going in and out, but nothing holds and stays like a saree, evergreen and stylish.
It is marvelous to see those nine yards being discovered and revived time and again.

With saree being one of the most essential clothing for women in India and rated the most desirable one across the world, we have always confused its relevance in terms of style and comfort. And we are so guilty of it.
While there is no correct style of wearing a saree, based on popular trends, we have picked out some of our utmost favorite saree trends that can make you an absolute head turner!

1. Polo Necks – There’s nothing quirkier than putting your everyday clothes to use when wearing a saree. Go through that messy wardrobe and pick out a polo neck and team it up with your saree for a casual day out.

2. Sequinned tops- Take out your most basic saree and try playing it around with an embellished top or the one with a lot of sequins. Your saree is going to get a new life and guess what? You can wear your simplest saree to the fanciest events.

3. Bell Sleeves- When in doubt, rely on big bell sleeves. They will add volume to your saree and of course a lot of fun. Let your sleeves do all the talking next time!

4. Off shoulders – Off shoulders for the win. Not only do your off shoulder tops let you flaunt that collarbone, but they can also add a lot of character to your saree.

5. Your favorite oxford shoes – Let your heels rest for a while and pick those oxford shoes. It doesn’t get better than a high-waist saree, paired with oxford shoes. Fashionista Sonam Kapoor herself approves of it.

6. Neck Wrap- Add boss vibes to your look by wrapping the pallu of your saree around your neck like a scarf. Not only is this look is stylish, but also tops the contemporary chart looks, says Aishwarya Sharma.

7. Palazzo sarees- Not being able to walk properly in a saree is a real issue. But we can’t ditch saree for this minor inconvenience. Stress no more, because Palazzo sarees are here to deal with that. They are comfortable on all days and yet very stylish which is again, the best combo!

8. Ruffles are the new cool- Pair your favorite nine-yard tale with a ruffled top and be the queen that you are meant to be. It will surprise you how well the top can compliment a simple saree.

These style tips are from Aishwarya Sharma, fashion blogger and founder Figuramoda.