Quick tips for glowing, healthy motherhood

New Delhi: To maintain healthy and beautiful skin during and post pregnancy, you may need to reconsider your skincare routine. It is necessary to protect your skin with natural lotions, cream and massage oils to sustain natural glow of your skin, says an expert.

Sushrutha C. K., research associate at Natural Product Innovations R&D Himalaya Drug Company, has shared tips on pregnancy skin care.

* Dry and itchy skin: As the body stretches to make way for the little one, skin needs to be soothed and comforted. The best way to get relief from the dryness and itchiness is to keep the skin moisturised at all times. A soothing body butter that contains rich cocoa butter to smoothen extra dry skin and provide long-lasting, deep moisturisation can help in intense hydration and moisturisation of the skin.

* Pregnancy rashes: During pregnancy, in addition to stretching of the skin, sweat may contribute to itchy, pregnancy rashes that commonly appear on the abdomen, and spreads to legs, feet, arms and chest. Using an anti-rash cream, infused with the power of herbs and specially made for mothers, will help soothe the itching skin, and provide moisture, making for a more comfortable pregnancy.

* Body Massage: A daily massage during postpartum care routine offers relief from pain and fatigue and helps in restoring strength. It helps improve blood circulation and tones and relaxes muscles. Gentle strokes using massage oil with a delightfully delicate Lavender fragrance containing a soothing blend of sesame oil, winter cherry, and country mallow can be wonderful in healing and relaxing. It also helps relieve stress and promotes sleep.

* Sore nipples: Improper breastfeeding could lead to severe pain for mother, due to sore cracked and bleeding nipples. Two in ten mothers have sore and cracked nipples. In addition to the pain, sore and cracked nipples affect milk production too, since there is not enough suckling. New mothers may use a nipple cream that contains Kokum butter, a natural healer that helps deeply moisturize and heal nipples, and virgin coconut oil which smoothens, cools and protects nipple from cracks and fissures.