Quick fixes for a bad hair day!

New Delhi: There are days when your hair just does not feel right, scalp feels oily, greasy, hair falls limp or can feel rough, dry and frizzy. With the stress and rush of modern day living, everybody goes through bad hair days.

When your hair just does not fall well, no matter what you do, just do not fret, says Agnes Chen, Technical Head of Streax Professional.

Chen told ANI some quick fixes that are lifesavers on a bad hair day.

– Put your hair upside down, brush your hair at the roots in the opposite direction, this helps create body and volume. This also helps release dust and oil particles from the roots and creates a feeling of freshness and airiness.

– Spritz your hair with a hair shine spray as this will add incredible shine and fragrance to your otherwise dry and limp hair.

– For unmanageable, wavy, dry and voluminous hair, apply hair potion or hair serum on the mid-lengths and ends, to fix your hair and make it more manageable.

– While you get your hands on these products and try to make your hair settle, you can opt for a hair style that will work for you and make you look like all is well. You can choose from a high ponytail with a fashionable pouf or a messy low bun to camouflage the frizz and dryness.

Another option is a stylish side braid that will look chic and yet control your unmanageable hair.

– When you definitely want to take the attention off your unruly hair, what better way than to accessorise it with a hair band or a hair pin that will up your glamour game and make you look your fashionable best.

Find your way through a bad hair day with these multiple tips that can get you through the day!