Question petition will be filed against FIR: Alok Nath’s lawyer

Mumbai: In the wake of an FIR filed against Alok Nath for allegedly raping writer-producer Vinta Nanda, the former’s lawyer Ashok Saraogi said that a question petition would be filed in the high court.

“I heard about the FIR filed against Alok Nath, and it is pretty weak. I am preparing a list of questions, as a question petition will be filed against this FIR in the high court,” Saraogi told ANI, adding that a copy of the FIR will be obtained soon.

Earlier today, Nanda’s lawyer Dhruti Kapadia confirmed that the police have registered an FIR against the actor, over a month after she lodged a complaint against Nath for allegedly raping and sexually harassing her in the 1990s.

The FIR against Nath has been booked under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

“Vinta Nanda had registered a case against Nath after the latter filed a civil defamation suit against her.

Pursuing that, she was called for investigations, queries, etc. She gave her final statement yesterday, and by the virtue of which the police felt that this is a fit case for an FIR,” said Kapadia.

When asked if the case holds any water since it is two decades old, Kapadia said: “If there is substance today, I wouldn’t say that the case is old. The hurt of a person who is raped is still continued in nature in and out.”

Declining to speak about Nath, Kapadia added: “All I can talk is about my client. We are pursuing it (the case) and are getting good support from the public as well as women who have suffered in the industry and even the police.”