This question on “Love Jihad” in law exam triggers controversy

Kottayam: In a law exam, a hypothetical question on ‘Love Jihad’ was asked which triggered a controversy.

According to the news published in The Asian Age, in the 5th-semester exam of MG University, Kottayam (Kerala) held on Friday, a question on “Love Jihad” was asked. In the question, students were given an imaginary situation to test the decision making power of the students.

The question was, “Suppose the Parliament passes a law in 2010 named “Abolition of love jihad”. In 2012, the state of Karnataka passes an enactment repugnant to the provisions of the said Act, validating the acts of couples in love who run away. X, a boy of 21 years, in love with Y, a girl of 18 of Karnataka, who profess different religions fall in love and run away fearing threats to their lives. X files a writ petition before the high court of Karnataka seeking police protection when the case filed by Karnataka against the central law is before a bench of three judges”, The Asian Age reported.

Reacting to this question, C.P. Ajmal, a 5th-semester law student wrote on Facebook that the question was unreasonable.

Responding to the controversy, Office of the Controller of Examinations said the question will be reviewed by Board of Studies.