‘Question to BJP doesn’t become question to Army’: Rahul Kanwal’s response to Minister is trending

At the India Today conclave, anchor Rahul Kanwal took on Union Minister Piyush Goyal during his interaction and asked some sharp and uncomfortable questions regarding the Indian air strikes in Balakot.

Kanwal questioned the minister about the doubtfulness that existed over the success of the Indian airstrikes in Balakot. Kanwal was talking to Goyal about the international media’s coverage of the Balakot airstrikes.

On asking how would you convince the people about the casualties of the Air Strike in Pakistan, the minister responds that “I wonder where this country is going if you are going to accept what Pakistan says and your colleagues are going to propagate the Pakistan theory in India. I think it is a matter of shame.”

In response to that, Kanwal says to the Union Minister that his job as a journalist is to ask questions. During the quarrel between the minister and Kanwal, the audience sitting there applauded when Kanwal politely reminded the minister that neither he nor anyone in the room needs to learn patriotism from him.

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