Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations to cost a whopping 1 billion pounds

London: Over 1 billion pounds is the expected bill for a UK-wide celebration to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday this year, according to a survey.

A majority of Britishers intend to mark the landmark event over April to June this year and more than a third are planning trips to pubs, bars and street parties, said the survey released in ‘The Sunday Times’.

Nearly a quarter plan to raise a glass at home while watching the coverage on television.

The result will be a total of 1,021,779,027 pounds spent across the nation, says the survey of 2,000 British adults.

The survey also said that an average person is planning to spend 42.98 pounds on celebrations, with men intending to spend some 20 pounds more than women around the Queen’s actual and official birthdays April 21 and June 11 – respectively.

Her official birthday will kick off a weekend of festivities across the UK and a ceremonial ‘Trooping of the Colour’ on June 11.

A street party for 10,000 guests will be held on The Mall in London on June 12 with Princes William and Harry acting as joint presidents of the event.

Tickets for a street party to mark the occasion will cost 150 pounds.

Across the UK, 15 per cent of people will be throwing or attending a party in the Queen’s honour.

London, Brighton, Plymouth and Belfast are predicted to see more than half their population getting on to the streets in party mood.

As a reflection of regional popularity of the monarchy, Scotland will be splashing out the most, with an average of 49.41 pounds per person being earmarked for celebrations, nearly 10 pounds more than those celebrating in England.

Welsh citizens are setting aside 38.76 pounds. But in Belfast, the average spend will be just 26.32 pounds.