Quality education is need of the hour: Dattatraya

Quality education is the need of the hour, said Union minister Bandaru Dattatraya while addressing the Conference of Correspondents and Principals of Telangana Government Recognized  Schools Managements of Andhra Pradesh unaided school management.

Dattatreya said, “We cannot develop the country without promoting education. It is necessary to implant life skills and personality development for students for becoming good citizens of India. The school management should maintain the discipline so that they can inculcate discipline to students. The girl-child education should be given priority. The private schools play a key role implementing education among the middle class and lower middle class. 

“There should be a social security for the working class. The government is implementing the provident fund and ESI legalizations.  There are Rs. 9,70,000 crores in Provident fund. The Union government is committed for labour law reforms and the 44 labour laws will comes under four categories. The government will make certain changes for labour laws. (NSS)