Qualcomm wants Apple to pay USD 31 million in the patent dispute

California: The patent battle between Qualcomm and Apple has taken a new turn as the chipmaker has demanded USD 31 million as compensation from the iPhone maker for violating its intellectual property.

The patent feud between the two tech giants involves three Qualcomm technology patents which Apple allegedly used without permission on some versions of its iPhones.

According to CNET, the chipmaker is now demanding USD 1.40 per allegedly infringed iPhone in damages. The damages sought by Qualcomm are for the iPhone models sold from July 2017 that contained chips used by Intel.

One of the patents in question allows a phone to quickly connect to the internet once the device is turned on, another is related to the graphics processing and battery life. A third patent allows apps on the phone download data more easily by directing traffic between the apps processor and the modem.