Pyongyang urges S. Korea to scrap N. Korean human rights act, foundation

Seoul: North Korean state media on Sunday asked South Korea to abolish its North Korean human rights act and a foundation dedicated to its enforcement as that would hamper efforts to improve cross-border ties.

“The North Korean human rights act, which the cohorts of (former President) Park Geun-hye manipulated, must be abolished, while the North Korean human rights foundation, an institution designed to plot against our republic, ought to be buried away,” Yonhap quoted Uriminzokkiri, a North Korean propaganda website as saying.

“Any attempt at maintaining confrontational remnants of the conservative cliques will do more harm than good in light of the current trends of the North-South relationship,” it further said.

The S Korean foundation aims at conducting research and supporting civic groups to improve the North’s human rights situation.

The North is known for being the worst human rights abusers in the world.

In April, North and South Korea agreed to sign a peace treaty formally later this year, ending a 65-year-old long war between them. (ANI)