PVT educational institutions ‘managed’ Tirupati Rao committee: Ponguleti

MLC Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy has alleged that private educational institutions were looting the people indiscriminately in the name of fees in the State.

Speaking to the media here on Saturday, Ponguleti said the government has appointed Tirupati Rao Committee when the Congress brought pressure on the State government in regard to private educational institutions’ looting. But, Tirupati Rao Committee report was like “catching rat while digging a mountain”. It was clear that private educational institutions have managed the Tirupati Rao Committee, he remarked. Tirupati Rao Committee recommendations were highly objectionable as the committee recommended that the private institutions may increase 10 percent fees for every year instead of controlling the fees.

Ponguleti charged that the State government was not caring about vacant posts in all universities. He alleged that the government was negligent in providing quality food in hostels. Demanding that the State government file criminal cases against the managements of the educational institutions, which failed to follow rules, Ponguleti demanded that the State government convene an all-party meeting to discuss all issues related to educational institutions.