Punjab may become first state with broadband in every village: Mukesh Ambani

Mohali: Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani on Wednesday said he is looking forward to Punjab becoming the first state in the country where every village will be covered with broadband mobile connectivity as he committed to invest towards digital infrastructure in the state.

Participating in the second edition of Progressive Punjab Investor’s Summit here, Ambani said Reliance had already invested Rs 3,900 crore in the state.

“In 2013, I outlined our engagement with Punjab and how this has helped the state strengthen its leadership position.

I also talked about our investment plans in manufacturing, retail, Reliance Foundation and our digital services Jio business.

“I am delighted to inform you that most of these investments have been made and all our commitments have been fulfilled,” Ambani said at the event. Reliance Group had already invested Rs 3,900 crore in Punjab.

“We had committed an investment of over Rs 2,000 crore. We speak by latest counts… we have already invested Rs 3,900 crore in Punjab,” Ambani said.

He added: “When Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal came to Mumbai (this year) I think both of us agreed with the idea that (Punjab is) one state in India where we can cover 100% of population with broadband connectivity.

“That was his (Sukhbir) vision and we have been rapidly infusing so we will commit through all additional resources that it takes so that Punjab will be the first state in India where every single village will be covered with broadband mobile connectivity which opens the door for all sections of the society we look forward from Reliance point of view.” Ambani said Reliance looks forward to making sure that this digital infrastructure gives all partners opportunity to create value and start up businesses so that they can then create value for themselves.

He added, “This is an engagement which the Jio will be looking at across the sections of the society and I hope in two years we can look back at the achievement of Punjab (wherein) farmers, traders they can become role model for the rest of the country.”

Ambani declared Progressive Punjab Invest Summit event as a declaration of Punjab’s determination to engage and create partnerships in providing opportunities to all people.

“Punjab has always been a pioneer state from agriculture to textile to growth of service sector. Consumers in Punjab — the Punjabis — have big heart that drives investments and we are blessed to have Punjabis with big heart,” Ambani said.

During his speech, the RIL Chairman said, “I think the world is at the cusp of digital transformation and India has unique life time opportunity of achieving global leadership on the back of this transformation.”