Punjab CM slams AAP leader for backing secessionist referendum 2020

Chandigarh : Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Saturday condemned Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sukhpal Singh Khaira for backing secessionism with his categorical support for Sikh Referendum 2020, propounded by Sikh radicals for the creation of Khalistan.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, the Chief Minister termed Khaira’s statement favouring the Referendum as unfortunate, and added that the Leader of the Opposition seemed to be indulging in his usual political antics and theatrics, without any sense of the history of Punjab or any realization of the possible consequences of his statement or act.

“Punjab and its people had suffered for years due to the secessionist and separatist movement unleashed by the radicals. Khaira seemed to be completely unmindful of what the state had been through and the dangers of his ill-thought statement,” the statement added.

The Chief Minister dismissed as sheer hypocrisy Khaira’s claim that he stood for India’s unity while supporting the Referendum, terming it a classic case of running with the hares and hunting with the hounds.
“Anyone supporting the controversial Referendum, which was clearly designed to destroy India’s harmony, could not be a supporter of the country’s unity,” said Amarinder.

“Khaira’s stand suggested that he stood for India’s dismemberment,” he added.

Captain Amarinder also took to Twitter and said “Mr @ArvindKejriwal I strongly condemn the statement of your LOP @SukhpalKhaira supporting Referendum 2020 that aims for Punjab to secede from the Indian Union. Please clarify your stand on this & ask your partymen to act responsibly. Do see what this Referendum stands for????”

The Chief Minister demanded to know whether Khaira’s statement had the backing of the AAP central leadership, led by Arvind Kejriwal, or he was going on a personal tangent, either out of sheer ignorance or to promote some vested personal interests. =

“The AAP leadership should clarify their stand on this sensitive and explosive issue, which had the potential to destroy India’s peace and plunge Punjab back into the dark days of terrorism,” said Amarinder, demanding to know from Kejriwal and his party colleagues whether or not they stood for peace and upheld the Indian Constitution.

The Chief Minister said his government, and he personally, was fully committed to justice for all communities, without fear and favour.

“As the leader of a democratically elected government, I am committed to ensuring that the human rights of the citizens of Punjab were not violated in any way,” said Amarinder. (ANI)