Punjab CM asked to vacate his bungalow quarters

New Delhi: A Delhi court on Friday asked Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh to vacate his Janpath Road bungalow, which was allocated to him when he was a Lok Sabha MP.

Terming him as an ‘unauthorized occupant’, the Patiala House Court dismissed an appeal filed by Singh against the Estate Officer’s March 24 order.

According to the order, the premise was allotted to the Chief Minister as an MP from the Amritsar Constituency which was to expire in 2019.

Singh had resigned from the Lok Sabha on November 23 last year and the allotment of the bungalow was cancelled with effect from December 23, 2016. He was directed to surrender the bungalow to the CPWD.

The Congress leader made a request before the chairman of the Lok Sabha’s House Committee on February 10 asking them that he be allowed to retain the house on humanitarian grounds as he was suffering from high blood pressure and also because he was heart patient.

On February 14, he received a show cause notice to explain before the court that why an eviction order be not passed against him. The eviction order was later passed in March. (ANI)