Punishment or Justice? Rapist becomes victim!

Malda: A 35-year-old man, unfortunately, becomes a victim of his own crime when the rape victim pulled him into the fire after he had raped her and set her ablaze.

The incident is reported from West Bengal’s Malda District in Subhas Colony under Manikchak police station where the accused first raped the victim and later set her on fire but never did he imagine that the victim would still grab him while burning, News18 reported.

The victim was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and later shifted to Malda Medical College for treatment.

She is undergoing treatment for burn injuries on her face and hands while the accused succumbed to injuries on Tuesday, the officials said.

An investigation into the incident revealed, the accused used to disturb the victim who is a widow and on the day of the incident, he had entered her house when nobody was home except the victim.

He raped her after entering the house and later set her on fire but the victim somehow managed to grab the accuse.

Police said locals rushed to her house after noticing smoke emanating from there and found both of them on fire inside a room and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Locals claimed that the accused often visited the house of the woman.

District Superintendent of Police Arnab Ghosh said, “We are investigating the case from all angles.”