‘Punarnava therapy’ helps reduce pathological damage of kidneys: Study

New Delhi, March 13 : A latest research by Jamia Hamdard University here suggests that certain ayurvedic formulations can reduce pathologic damage of the kidneys. The study claims that the herbal medicines can help rejuvenate cells of an ailing kidney by cutting down reactive oxygen species (ROS) which is associated with pathological damage of the vital organ.

The research underlines that the specific formulation can prove effective in bringing down the quantity of ROS, which starts elevating in the kidney cells after the disturbances in level of potassium and sodium enzyme occur in the body.

The conclusion was reached following administration of punarnava (an ayurvedic plant)-based NEERI KFT formulation, that comprises lotus leaves, patharchur and other major herbs to the subjects of chronic kidney disease, according to a study.

As per the doctors, bringing ROS under control is very important in the treatment of the kidney as these are major factors in damaging the renal cells.

The research, though conducted over quite a few number of subjects, showed a decline in the level of ROS in the controlled arm which was administered the NEETI KFT treatment.

During trials, only nine subjects were given different treatment for eight days. However, the researchers said that the number was enough to ascertain the primary endpoint of the trial.

“We found that the group which was administered NEERI KFT had a controlled level of antioxidant enzyme. This shows that anti-oxidant elements in the formulation not only function against ROS but also bring down its level,” they stated.

The study also claimed that the ayurvedic formulation was found to help in detoxifying kidney cells apart from reducing high levels of uric acid and electrolytes.

Acknowledging the outcome of the study, K.N. Dwivedi, professor at Banaras Hindu University, said that he advises the therapy to his patients. “We get many patients who have claimed that ayurvedic formulation Neeri KFT proved to be beneficial in curing kidney disease.”

Expressing similar views, Bheema Bhatt, Medical Director of Ayurvedic Medicine at Medanta, Gurugram, said that in a large number of kidney patients having high creatinine and urea levels, Neeri KFT has been found to be balancing the level.

“I have prescribed the treatment to my patients and have received positive output so far,” he added.

Sanchit Sharma, Executive Director of an ayurvedic drug firm said that the formulation was found helpful in delaying the need of dialysis as well. “It reduces the progression rate of degeneration and improves reparative capacity of renal cells nephron,” he added.

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