Pubs see a surge of 50% in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Over the last four years, Karnataka’s capital city, Bengaluru, has seen a 50 per cent surge in pubs in recent years.

Locals attribute the surge to the arrival of Multinational Companies in the city that adds to its young culture and lifestyle.

The locals also made their dissent clear on the increasing pub-going culture that the young professionals in the city are indulging themselves in.

They said, “Arrival of MNCs brought pub culture to the city. The urban population of the city is young professionals who love this culture. Licenses shouldn’t be issued as it is not good for the society.”

“The increasing pub-going culture in the city is having an adverse effect on children and the teenagers as they see their parents drinking. This is not in the interest of the country,” a local said.

Another young working professional said, “This culture is only natural, owing to the large numbers of young people that the city attracts due to jobs and the education.”

The city has also known as the Pub Capital. (ANI)

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