Public hearing on quota for Muslims held for fifth day

On the fifth day of public hearing on enhancement of reservation for Backward Classes among Muslims conducted by the Telangana State Commission for Backward Classes in the Conference Hall, the MLAs, MLCs, Ex-Ministers and other leaders of Congress Party have participated and expressed their opinions.


Placing their views before B.S. Ramulu, Chairman, Dr Vakulabharanam Krishna Mohan Rao, Juluru Gowri Shankar, Dr. Anjaneya Goud, members and G.D. Aruna, IAS member Secretary, Telangana State Commission for Backward classes, the TPDD president Uttam Kumar Reddy declared their party support to the initiative of 12% reservation for backward classes among Muslims.  K. Jana Reddy, CLP leader urged the commission to make a comprehensive report so that it stands the judicial scrutiny by the Court of Law.


Shabbir Ali, MLC, who dwelt upon he reservation issue lengthily pointed out that despite positive recommendations by earlier committees like Gopal Kishan Commission, Sachar Commission, Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission, Justice Dalwa Subrahmanya Commission and Sudhir Enquiry Commission nothing has been done concretely for the benefit of Muslims and requested the BC Commission to expedite the process of implementation of reservations.

Jeevan Reddy, Ex-Minister told that in view of reservation issue pending in Courts of Law, the BC Commission plan for visiting various places of the State to gather correct data on Muslims to put it in its report so that it does not get struck down by the courts.

Even on Sunday, many representations were received by the BC Commission.  Among those who submitted their representations are: Mukthar Rahmath Khan of Jama Masjid of Nirmal, Mohd. Wazeed Hussain, Ex-Corporator, Mustafa Ali Sarvari of ‘Focus’, Moulana Ashan Al Hamoomi. (NSS)