PUBG addiction: Groom busy playing ‘PUBG’ at his wedding

Online battleground ‘PUBG’ madness is breaking records in India as netizens are desperately going crazy with many individuals going to extreme lengths over their crazy love for this game, with many also developing bizarre behavioral changes too.
People from all age groups, professions especially youngsters are nowadays glued to their smartphones, News18 reports.
Well, in a first time ever breaking the records of this madness, the newly wedded groom is hooked to his smartphone playing the game while his wife watches him cluelessly.

Instead of celebrating the marital glory and its ceremony, the groom is playing PUBG.
The hilarious video has gone viral on social media which shows the groom engrossed in his phone while his wife sits next to him, watches him cluelessly as he continues to ignore her.
Well, as they say, nothing stands between a guy and his PUBG.
Okay and that is not all. The video also shows a relative offering a gift to the “happy” couple while the busy groom pushes it away because it was apparently blocking his view.
Indians are surely addicted to this particular game.