Provoked WB CM warns PM not to threaten her, says Modi’s mouth should be sealed

Nagrakata (WB): West Bengal CM Bannerjee came heavily on PM today and said Modi should be thrown out of power, politics and that his mouth should be sealed with surgical adhesive tape.

Addressing a public rally, Mamata said: “Modi did not have time to look after the farmers and the middle-class, as he was busy touring the globe for 4.5 years of his five-year term.”

She claimed he would win the first prize if there was any lying competition.

“When elections are knocking at the door, Modi is threatening everybody and blabbering lies,” she said.

“In this election, people would stick a Leukoplast on his lips so that he is not able to tell lies. For the sake of the country he should not only be ousted from his chair (PM post) but also from politics,” she slammed Modi responding to his comment on Sunday where Modi said Banerjee and the TMC are suffering from fear psychosis of Modi.

She warned him not to threaten her as it will be the biggest mistake.

She said, “During the 5 years, he has been touring the globe for 4.5 years. What was he doing when farmers were committing suicides across the country? What was he doing when people died due to demonetisation and crores of people lost their jobs?”